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Commercial Vehicle Wraps in Miami

Commercial vehicles are the mobile offices of all trades. If your business or organization employs a fleet of service vehicles, having them wrapped can get your brand on the road. At Live Colors, we have created a destination for businesses looking to get more from the visibility of their vehicles. We specialize in creating bold graphics that get your message right in front of your consumers.

From reflective to protective, we provide a full suite of commercial vehicle wraps designed to have maximum impact. Our creative team will help you transform your idea into an effective solution for your business while ensuring practicality and ultimate satisfaction.

Custom Design

Fast Process

Easy Maintenance

Paint Protection

Extra durable

Save Money

Awesome Commercial Vehicle Wrap Design

Our in-house experts have the skill and experience to design the best livery and design-led branding solutions for your business vehicles, regardless of type. Find out more on how we can quickly turn your service vehicles into mobile advertising units.


When it comes to marketing, the importance of making a good first impression cannot be emphasized enough. Wrapping your storefront is an excellent way to update it.

A storefront wrap is the first thing your customers and prospects see, and, well, you know its impact. Wraps cover a wide display, delivering high-impact graphics that speak for your business and brand.

Live Colors can help you design, produce, and install storefront wraps to catch the eye of your customers. Our team of creative and talented graphic designers boasts an expansive experience helping clients like you embody their concepts into effective brand solutions. We offer the best wrap and graphic designs in Miami and surrounding areas.


Don’t settle for plain when you can give it dynamic artwork that effectively gets your message to customers. Find out more.

Boat Wraps Custom & Color Changes

Are you planning to update the look of your boat or recreational marine vessel? At Live Colors, we’ve got you covered. We design, deliver, and professionally install superior quality, fully custom boat Wraps.

We serve Miami and other South Florida areas, giving our clients’ water vessels unique artwork. No matter the style of your boat, we have the expertise to turn its exterior into a work of art that impresses everyone on the water and offshore.

Commercial Yacht Wrapping Miami

Awesome Boat Wrap Design

Our knowledgeable designers deliver custom graphics, and our experienced installers complete the project with the highest-quality vinyl, creating a seamless look and feel on your boat. If you are unfamiliar with boat wraps, find out more here.


I wish I could give this review 0 stars. Let's start by saying that our family business has used this company for a few years but the service seems to worsen every time. We have been working with them for the entire month of October to update the SAME template of flyers we do every single year. For 22 days (as of today) they have been unbelievably incompetent and unable to put together a flyer with information we have provided in multiple occasions. We have also tried to reach out to the designer to walk him through the text we sent and it has been impossible. We then provided our number for him to reach out to us but that seems to be an impossible task as well. We later contacted the owner/manager to get a hold of the designer but that also didn't get us anywhere. At this point we are so behind our marketing efforts because of this huge unprofessionalism and incompetence, we are ready to go somewhere else. Oh and you best believe we won't be using them ANYMORE! So save yourselves the headache or think well before going with them. You just won't know what to expect. **** UPDATE: Armando reached out to us and within 2 days we got our cards printed. It seems that the art designer was fired and all is better than before. can you tell i was upser?! *****
Maria Bauta
Maria Bauta
it's been almost 2 years since I wrapped my company car and still looks great. it was a great decision with all the competition out there. Tremendous quality, Great customer service and amazing prices. thank you guys!!
gustavo garayburu
gustavo garayburu
Lewis Marquez
Lewis Marquez
Best of breed, Lenny and company are the real deal
Fermin Bergouignan
Fermin Bergouignan
Michelle was extremely professional, courteous and she made sure my order would be “on-time” soo KUDOS 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 To her & the whole Live Colors Team !! -Chris ,manager @OnlyWorkBoots
jake womble
jake womble
Live Colors great in so many ways the way I experience Live Colors was while I was incarcerated they sacrificed their time 2 come talk to us about business as well life. And their main focus was to make sure that we never came back. From the owner to the employees they all put in their time to try to be a helping hand two people that was starving for change. That never wants to go back to that kind of situation. So that's how I experienced Live Colors. I really appreciate them so much for the knowledge they gave and the love they showed us.
A1 experience!!
mauricio vargas
mauricio vargas
Live Colors handles all of my marketing and I couldn’t be happier with their service. They make it happen - no matter how crazy the idea! Recommend them all day.
shanut anaut
shanut anaut

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